Neighbours Accidentally Invent A New Game

Ping Pong Table Tennis

Pealand, TX Two neighbors were spending the Sunday evening discussing about upcoming holidays and HOA mismanagement when they decided to get some workout. The rich neighbor who is a sports enthusiast , owns a dart board, bow and arrow, table tennis table, indoor basket ball, outdoor poker, indoor football and checkers,

Child Caught Praying in School

Prayer in School

Sugarland, TX At the Needless Middle School around lunch-time, a child was caught “red-handed” with his little hands folded in prayer before eating his school lunch.  The accused student was identified as Thomas Mafaith and is 12 years old.  “Thomas appeared to be thanking some sort of higher power for

Woman Trips Over Shoelace

Shoe Lace Trip

Houston, TX At approximately 11:10 am, an untimely event occurred. A white female in her early 40’s was spotted tripping over her shoelace while walking out of the Wal Mart on Highway 45 South. Fortunately, there were no Paramedics called to the scene and no casualties. The white female remains unnamed. When approached by

A Dog Was Spotted on the Side of the Road

A Dog Walking

Mumbai, MH A Dog who is under investigation, was seen walking on the side of Juhu Tara road and when a onlooker tried to stop him from walking further, the dog started barking. Nobody was hurt during this incident. However, the local police received several complaints regarding the dog and his

A Man Gets Fed Up Of News Companies

wcto man

Bengaluru, IN An unidentified male has been showing signs of frustration and disappointment in today’s media and the literally no coverage given to important things in life such as catching a cold, to losing a heel, etc., “These life changing events needs to be heard, not corrupt politicians or crazy celebrities” he