WCTO is the not the world’s leading news publication and we do not intend to, offering breaking national, international, and local news coverage.

Rising from its scholastic beginning  as a hand sketched, hand written newsletter in 1998 with the name Dhuccan Hard (mocking a local newspaper company – Deccan Herald). Subscribe to our NEWS letter and you will not be disappointed.. may be a little.


Krush Batnakar

Editor In Chief

Krush Batnakar has been the number one reporter and editor since the war broke out in Mainland. He has over two hundred certificates , 13 awards and 1 trophy that he has acquired during his glory days both in journalism and peace keeping. His decisiion to start WCTO has been a gift in disguise to the people who long for news that is not only real but has good pulp in it. Mr Batnakar is mostly seen in his shorts (only) and loves to listen to various music and has a liking for anything that is real and organic. His motto in life is to break the mundane, twist the ordinary and juice the reality then put it on a plate for everyone’s consumption.

Alisha Noetall

Sr Reporter
Alisha Noetall is one of our top Investigative Reporters here at WCTO. Her perspective on the News is unique and inquisitive. She is definitely not afraid to state the obvious. She is not afraid to ask the real questions. Alisha has been a loyal Reporter for WCTO News since its inception. Alisha brings to the table extensive Journalism skills mostly gained in High School Journalism and from writing her excessive poetic ramblings. Her sparkling wit and charm enliven each News Report to the point that she herself is sometimes afraid to read it. It has been Alisha’s lifelong dream to be an Anchor Person and that dream is finally coming true. Soon, Alisha will be promoted to Anchor Person with her very own shiny news desk and stack of papers to straighten. Alisha resides in the US and is currently single. Please Subscribe to WCTO because later in the year, we will be holding a Raffle for her much sought after phone number.

Patrike Hudugi

Sr Reporter
It is an honor to have Miss Patrike on our Team. She recently joined us and we are happy to have her onboard. She is a local editor and internationally recognized. Her most important work has been kept secret for over 20 plus years and WCTO hopes to be the platform for her wonderful reporting skills as well as outstanding journalism.
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