Jabba the Hut from the Tatooine Manufacturing Facility in Pasadena has recently published a book. The book is entitled “How to Ruin Your Co-Worker’s Day”. This book is a must-read and is sure to top the Best Seller’s List.

When interviewed, Jabba explained “This book is a compilation of tips from all of my many years of being rude and patronizing to others.” WCTO interviewed Hiley Annoid from Tatooine who works in the office right across from Jabba. Hiley explained “Jabba is so irritating that I have to close my office door each day for some peace and privacy. He talks down to others so much that his own inner peace is in question. I am so glad that he is finally putting his condescending behavior in a book. I hope it stays there.”

WCTO is the first to uncover the highly acclaimed “How To” Book. Let’s take a special sneak peak at what awaits us inside.

Chapter 1 – How To Ignite Your Co-Worker’s Allergies by Wearing Too Much Bad Cologne

Chapter 2 – Tips and Tricks on Rudeness

Chapter 3 – How To Find a Problem With Any Solution

Chapter 4 – How To Be Patronizing To Everyone All Day Long

Chapter 5 – How To Insult Your Co-Workers and Get Away With It

Chapter 6 – Why Frowning and Griping Is So Much Better Than Smiling

Chapter 7 – Typing In All Caps and Other Bad Business Etiquette Must-Haves

Chapter 8 – Hating People Because They Are Smart and Beautiful

Chapter 9 – Playing Nice To Gain Dirt on Co-Workers

Chapter 10 – How to Bark And Talk at the Same Time

Chapter 11 – How To Attract Mice Into Your Office Space

Chapter 12 – Why You Should Always Keep Crumbs On Your Keyboard

Chapter 13 – How to Know Everything About Everything

And, if you order before April 15, you will receive the Bonus Companion Book, “How To Go Three Decades Without Having Sex”.

Alisha Noetall reporting and bringing you the most important news.

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