Bone-Broth Diet Nearly Kills Texas Woman

Houston, TX, A woman allegedly decided to go on the “Bone Broth Diet” for health benefits. Bone Broth is made when bones are cooked for a period of hours on the stove top. All of the nutrients from the bones turn into the broth. The Texas woman was very suspicious of the diet in the first place because she is actually a Vegetarian and does not partake in any activity or food that is “Bone-Related.” The Texas woman scoured the shelves of the local market looking for pre-packaged Bone Broth. Since she is a true Vegetarian she did not want to cook or touch the bones herself. After hours of searching, she came to the conclusion that the closest thing she could find to bone broth was chicken broth which turned out to be a very grave mistake.

On January 12, in her lavish penthouse office, the Texas woman had her PA heat up the Chicken Broth for her lunch. As her assistant entered the room with the chicken broth, she noticed a pungent odor coming from the vicinity of the cup of chicken broth. After minutes of waiting for the Chicken Broth to cool down, the Texas woman took a sip. The Texas woman immediately fell out of her leather office chair. She had to be life-flighted to the nearest hospital and is now on Long Term Disability. Stay tuned to WCTO as more compelling news unfolds.

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