Man Joins CrossFeet And Lands Up A Second Job

Houston TX, Everybody has new year resolutions and so did Liazy Tode, 33 year old nut seller and home brewer. With a busy lifestyle and jobs that took a toll on his legs last December, made this man to rethink his lifestyle when he saw a free month subscription to Crossfeet. At first he did not bother but when his family members insisted he try it for a day. They even raised enough money to pay for his loss of wages that day. He was all shiny with his snickers and gym shorts. He arrived way early and back of his mind all he wanted to do was go back to his home and sort nuts and brew some fruity beer.

Crossfeet has been taking over traditional Yoga centers and is now growing rapidly following the business model of Starbarks and MeccaD’s, they give you free product to try out, in this case one month of free cross feet exercises. “Liazy Tode, at first he was all into it, with his legs crossed and all” says his mother Amanda Tode. ” He even looked taller than he is but when he found out about how much he had to pay to cross his legs, oh my, he went nuts” says his step sister Amanda Tode. ( Seriously, we know what you are thinking.)

The Franchise Officer of CrossFeet was eager to comment on Liazy Tode’s situation and had this to say ” We love people like Liazy, but if you expect to get a stronger feet and healthy calves, then you should be able to pay an arm or a leg, Giggle Giggle Giggle” Liazy Tode now has two jobs and he is on a marathon to make his dreams run through.

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