Star Wars- The Force Awakens 5 Best Spoilers

star wars

Star Wars- The Force Awakens 5 Best Spoilers

I went to see Star Wars- The Force Awakens over the weekend with my brother, my son and my Mom.  Yes, there were 3 Generations of us.  The first time we saw Star Wars was in 1977 when it first came out so it brought back a lot of memories.  They brought the main original characters back.

Here are the 5 Best Spoiler Alerts EVER:

  1. Han Solo looks old but he is still charming, sexy and ruggedly handsome.

Han Solo






2. Princess Leia looks old and may or may not have been through Menopause.







3. Luke Skywalker has been out in the Woods and Mountains for 40 days and 40 nights and has the facial hair to prove it. He was caught looking for a beard trimmer.


4. Watching the movie made me feel old but it also brought back sweet memories of a simpler time.

8 year old

5. Chewbacca is still hairy and cute and is still single and looking for love.


Overall, this movie gets a thumbs up.

The movie tickets were $10 each and the Theater food was $40.  So, save up your money and go see this movie asap.  Or, wait until it comes out on DVD and make your own Popcorn.  Either way, I really don’t care.

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