Coworker’s Unwanted Suggestions Puts A Man in Limbo

It was a perfect Tuesday morning, Eddie King, was doing what he loves doing at his job at the cotton sorting facility in Pasadena TX. ” I felt like it was my new office” said Eddie. He had just moved around a bunch of stuff that he had accumulated from his colleagues paper-cutter, rubber stamps, wooden paper clips and an old O’Riley heater with tungsten coil to name a few.

Eddie was proud of everything until the day he met a frequent visitor , Lenny Woodstock Drooly, who is a country music lover and brags about his instruments, and keeps one close to his heart in his back pocket, a 1935 mouth organ, played by Stick Drooly, the small town mouth organ player. Lenny started borrowing his collection and started giving him free advice on how to make money on the internet. Eddie still does not own a computer and his job does not require one on his desk.

” He also shared with me his family history” said angered Eddie, holding the color print out of Lenny’s family tree, see below

Drooly Family

” He first visited me from the ground floor and said he was here to help me” says Eddie, with a frowning face. Lenny has been visiting Eddie five to six times a day and sometimes he never leaves. “At first, I thought he was trying to be friendly but it has gotten to a point where I do not know if I am at work or getting a colonoscopy done at the nearest walmart clinic”

Eddie was last seen in the company cafeteria and people were seen storming out or taking cover. He has become deadly and if this continues. things can get pretty ugly. Eddie and most of his colleagues are in the same situation and always wonder if their work environment will ever be the same again.

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