Naked Man in Computer Gives Nightmares to Many

Naked Man in Computer Gives Nightmares to Many


Houston,TX A man was spotted trying to get out of computer monitors all across the world.  This man remains unidentified because he is wearing no clothes and has no pockets for a wallet in which to carry an I.D.  The origins of this man remain unsolved.

“Is this obstruction of justice or just some kind of a sick joke?  This man is completely naked and is missing his private parts. “ exclaims Woody Twoshoes , avid Computer User.

We are calling this unidentified man John Jane Doe because he appears to be some type of a Transgender Mutation and is neither Male nor Female.

“John Jane Doe is still a mystery to us.” Expresses Justin Partsnokoff, a Computer Power User.

Many Computer Users have reported night sweats and nightmares after seeing John Jane Doe try to get out of the computer.

Indeed, a mystery, John Jane Doe remains.  Let’s hope he stays in the computer while we continue our investigation.


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