Beware of the Doghouse YouTube Video Stirs Male Emotions

December 18, 2015

Houston, Texas

A Beware of the Doghouse YouTube Video was recently released and it has men everywhere running scared.  This video speaks of men buying their wives unthoughtful presents for Christmas and getting put in a “literal” doghouse because of their shortcomings.

“Men everywhere are terrified.” States Belinda Nomatter who is currently upset with her husband for buying her a set of pots and pans for Christmas this year.  “It serves them right.”

So where is this “Doghouse” in this video gone viral?  Let’s explore….

“I believe the Doghouse is in a basement in Wisconsin where it should be.” Expresses Wishuer Manenuff.  “Or, I hope it is somewhere in Kentucky.  I hope the men are miserable.”

So, if your man buys you a mop, a broom, a cheese straightener or weight loss program for Christmas, we know that he will certainly get what is coming to him.  Women, do not let your man out of the Doghouse easily.  Make them work for it, and when they genuinely realize their wrong-doings…  give them a treat.

“Men can be trained.” States Ima Single.  “Just put them in the Doghouse when they are bad and give them a Biscuit when they do good.  It is a simple concept, really.”

We are collecting thoughts from our loyal WCTO readers.

To Female WCTO Readers, Do you think your man deserves to be in the Doghouse and why?”

To Male WCTO Readers, Do you think the Doghouse is fair?”

We will be responding to each and every comment.  We will continue to follow this Doghouse Controversy.

Alisha Noetall Reporting and bringing critical news straight to your computer because we have nothing better to do.

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