Popular Dating Site Fuels Egomaniacs

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Houston, TX I recently went under-cover on a popular dating site called VAMOOSE.  Why is it named VAMOOSE?  Well, let’s find out…

Upon entering VAMOOSE initially by accident when clicking on the pic of a hot guy advertising VAMOOSE on Facebook.  He looked rugged and handsome so how could one resist?  I might mention that this man was nowhere to be found upon entering VAMOOSE.  Nevertheless, I decided to set up a profile and explore for the benefit of loyal WCTO readers.

The first thing I noticed about VAMOOSE is the Dating Carousel.  They put photos of people on a cattle call of sorts for the user to flip thru each photo clicking Yes, No or Maybe.  Would you would like to meet this cow,  I mean person.  This is not demeaning to the human race at all.  I love to flip thru people and make my decision solely based on one photo and nothing else and there are literally hundreds to look through.  One might call this shallow but it could be very effective for the busy career person.  Is meeting someone while shopping for produce a thing of the past?  I think so.  Let’s explore…

The vibe of VAMOOSE is that of a night club without the thumping music and liquor of course.  Men are constantly sending you e-mails and hitting you up to chat over the VAMOOSE IM interface.  VAMOOSE is an exceptional source of fuel for Egomaniacs.

“I just love the streaming attention from men all over the world.” confesses Mariah Timewaster.  Then, she goes on to say “It is not about attention from a quality man but more about the quantity of attention.”

“It is like finding a needle in a haystack,” expresses Datemenow, one disgruntled VAMOOSE user.  “I just want my $29.95 back.”

“I found my diamond in the rough” states Loveforyou, an elated VAMOOSE user of 5 years.

Does VAMOOSE reek of desperation or is it possible to find that needle in a haystack?  If a person found their ONE, it would certainly be worth the hours of time that you will never get back and let’s not forget the $29.95.

Let’s further explore the meaning behind VAMOOSE.



Spell Syllables

  • Word Origin

verb (used without object), vamoosed, vamoosing.


to leave hurriedly or quickly; decamp.

verb (used with object), vamoosed, vamoosing.


to leave hurriedly or quickly from; decamp from.

I believe it is safe to say that VAMOOSE really makes me feel like I need to start VAMOOSING. According to the Dictionary’s meaning, I want to leave right now as fast as I can.

VAMOOSE is offering a free trial to WCTO readers AND Egomaniacs needing a refuel.

Join me again as I go under-cover on special assignment.  Until next time.

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