Family Maxes Out Credit Cards for Christmas 2015

Schumacker, TX Christmas 2015 is fast approaching.  Santa and his Eight tiny Reindeer are all ready and waiting to bring toys to the “good” boys and girls of the world.One family in Schumacker, Texas decided to take matters into their own hands.“We are tired of waiting for Santa to bring us what we want.  This Christmas, we are maxing out all of our credit cards and buying exactly what we want for ourselves.” Exclaims Peter Thinkahead.

“The electric bill can wait.  The kids deserve a good Christmas.  Besides, we can still get food stamps and free cell phones through Government Programs.” Adds Nadia Thinkahead, Peter’s wife.The two Thinkahead children were off running with scissors during this interview and are too young to comment on the situation anyway.So, there is a valuable lesson to be learned here from the Thinkahead Family in Schumacker, Texas.  This may be a small town but it certainly has plenty of ambition.

This Christmas, remember these words of wisdom…  Don’t wait on Santa to bring you what you want, just max out your credit cards and buy it yourself.Alisha Noetall reporting on all the news closest to your heart.  Until next time.

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