The Actarians Editor Tries To Explain The Controversial Cartoon

Editor in Distress

Adelaide, AUS  In a very cowardly move, the Editor in chief , Ruphus Muphus, of the monthly newsletter ‘The Actarians’ tried defending the cartoon drawn by the famous cartoonist Raccio Lotaleak. The company printed a two page description on how to read and understand the cartoon which shows a family of four kangaroos enjoying the freshly brewed jugs of beer. The father is drawing a cartoon, the mother is seen serving her little joey some Kiwi Chutney with lots of beer. And the caption reads ” Wash that chutney with some beer my little one” . The fourth kangaroo is seen playing with nuclear reactor toy.

About the controversy: A fellow banana bender was seen at the ice cream shop eating sundae and just starring at the cartoon, presumably confused. The editor of the newsletter happen to be eating a sundae himself when he witnessed his readers inability to digest the cartoon. The confused guy was also heard saying ” What does that even mean?”. To which the editor proceeded to write a two page explanation to the cartoon.

“This is very controversial move by the Editor” says, Knot Imate, a New Zealander ” This is very racial and offensive, first off all, we consider Kangaroos as a nuisance and he went overboard with the chutney, this is unacceptable”

However, the newsletter also got support from its native troublemakers and others and they praised the editor for putting out a two page explanation for a cartoon.

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