Woman Sues Scale Manufacturer Over Alledged Weight Gain

Perfect Weight Scales

Loss Angles,CA Britney Noway sues the Manufacturer of Perfect Weight Scales. Perfect Weight Scales has made a false claim by entitling their much used scales to “Perfect Weight”.

“This is not my Perfect Weight” cries Ms. Britney Noway in court. “The scales show that I am 20 lbs over my Perfect Weight and I only snacked a little bit over the Thanksgiving Holidays”.

Well, Ms. Britney Noway is certainly getting her day in court.

Patrick Fatsy, CEO of Perfect Weight Scales makes his point in court. “Weight is a subjective topic and Perfect Weight makes no claims on what an individuals Perfect Weight should be”.

The Perfect Weight Scales Lawsuit is anticipated to drag out over a 6 month time span. “This will put taxpayer money to good use”, claims Judge Mackaby.

WCTO will continue to follow this important case minute by minute and always bring you the latest developments.

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