Neighbours Accidentally Invent A New Game

Ping Pong Table Tennis

Pealand, TX Two neighbors were spending the Sunday evening discussing about upcoming holidays and HOA mismanagement when they decided to get some workout. The rich neighbor who is a sports enthusiast , owns a dart board, bow and arrow, table tennis table, indoor basket ball, outdoor poker, indoor football and checkers, decided to challenge his neighbour on a game of ping pong.

” We were not even serious” says Venkat D’Souza, the richer one. ” We were fooling around and I was playing table tennis for the 5th time in my life” said the other neighbor, Dru Evans.

Then it happened, all of a sudden, the ball left the table and never touched the table. Both these neighbors had just started their own game which they proudly call’ Air TT ‘.

The game has already become very popular, and is now becoming the new holiday pass time of several folks in the town. The city of Pealand, is going to host the first Air TT World Championship in 2016.

The rules are simple, never touch the table, play in the air. The neighbors have quit their part time jobs and are working hard on the rules and systematic development of the game. A book will be available starting January 1st on and Stay tuned to WCTO for more updates.

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