A Teen Boy Is Hard To Please

San Jose, CA Like most teenagers, Donald Trump (name has been changed to protect identity) is a tech lover turned geek. He is an Android fan and only uses devices which are compatible with the Android OS. Recently he has been finding a whole lot of time due to holidays and has resorted to his favorite pastime – Writing Reviews. Donald, is no ordinary teenager, he is but ordinary and easy going. We found one of his well written reviews in which we discover a new desire for perfection or put in some other words -is he just too hard to please? See for yourself.

App Review

“Its good I love it” writes Donald, then he gets into details “I edited some of my pix my friend was like mmm Donald where did u get such an app for this wonderful art work and I was like woah. I love the app”

If he was any ordinary, the app would have scored five stars but he decided to give the humble App just two stars.The App developer is confused and is wondering what should he do next. Donald Trump declined our interview request.

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