Local Family Is Shocked As ‘It’ Catches Fire

Fire Log

Chokecherry, VA One of the most popular holiday pass times went up in flames after the family decided to turn on their newly installed electric log set. The log which was supposedly reusable lasted just 10 minutes. The great uncle of the wife had gifted the electric fire log. The family declined for an interview however, the 10 year old boy who witnessed this sitting on his sofa was seen at the school cafeteria and one of our reporter’ , who was covering a news about the salad bar incident, happen to identify this little boy. ” It was amazing at first, all the sparks, then smoke and we also heard multiple explosions” said the little boy.

“We could not shoot a video, but are working on a reenactment of the electric log catching fire” said the boy’s father, Burnham Woods (from unknown sources)

Our field team investigated the curb side trash and cardboard boxes and determined that the fire log was not Made in USA. The Woods’ case is one of 10 being investigated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Woods family recommends anyone considering the electric log for a fireplace should ‘log into the internet’ and do their research.

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