School Refuses Salad Bar to Elementary Students

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Houston, TX A student was forced to eat a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and French Fries when all she wanted was to get a salad at the salad bar at her school.

Missy Rodriguez, 8 years old, attends Cheesystone Elementary in the Greater Houston Area.  When Missy tried to get a healthy salad from her school salad bar during lunch time, she was told by lunch attendant, Gertrude Meansho the following, “You will have to eat a Grilled Cheese and Fries young lady.”

Roberto Noletta, School Principal of Cheesystone Elementary commented, “It is absolutely necessary for children to get the four basic food groups by eating cheese, butter and bread for their lunch time meal.  The fries are an added bonus of Vegetable and Vegetable Oil.  This is the lunch of Champions.”

The other meals that Cheesystone Elementary offers are all variations of cheese.  The menu offers Cheeseburgers, Cheese Fries, Cheese Potato, Cheese Steak, and of course America’s All Time Favorite… Macaroni and Cheese.  Chicken Fried Steak Patty also served with a side of Cheese.

It is recommend to each student that these specialties be washed down by an ice cold sugary Beverage with plenty of Saccharine and Artificial Colors.  A variety of Sugary Beverages may be purchased from one of the many Vending Machines within the school premises.

Missy’s parents were embarrassed of the salad incident and refused to comment on the situation.

Roberto Noletta, School Principal also commented, “Let’s keep our children full of Cheese, Processed Foods and Sugar…  let’s keep America strong and keep supporting the Pharmaceutical Companies.  Children are our future”.

WCTO will continue to keep it’s roving eye on the pulse of news as it happens.

Stay tuned to this monitor for more breaking developments on children trying to eat salads.

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