Researcher’s Study about 5X Magnification Mirrors Are Shocking

5X Magnification Mirror

Faridabad, HR, Research shows that using a 5x magnification mirrors versus 1x Magnification mirrors increases the dissatisfaction levels in facial wellbeing by 20 percent.

Researchers at the University of Pathalisur, HR,  have published a paper on everyday use of such mirrors on 420 subjects, all different genders. This was the first ever study conducted on such mirrors and a diverse group of genders participated.

The research also found that it is very likely that it affects 5 times more in ages 16-28.

The 5x mirror is a common accessory in  bathrooms and closets in most westernized cities across the world. It is estimated that by 2020, 40% of the world’s bathrooms and restrooms will be fitted with one of these mirrors.

The studies are yet to be published and are waiting for approval from World Face Beauty Institute (W-FBI). W-FBI has taken the leading role in providing accreditations to such studies. Established in 2002 by four human naturalist, W-FBI aims at discrediting and banning fairness creams and use of face altering chemicals.

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