Puddle Forming At Undisclosed Location


Undisclosed Location As water continues to pour down from the sky in Southern Texas, there have been even more umbrella sightings than usual.  This water falling from the sky is identified as rain. Water formations are beginning to form all over the city causing much distress and turmoil for drivers and Pedestrians alike.

“All of a sudden, this water started falling from the sky and I got wet.  The wind started blowing and I got even wetter.” expresses Tom Novac, Pedestrian.

“These water formations are concerning to us.  They are growing to the size of large Puddles.” comments Weather Expert, Ima Raining.

Many of these large puddles are forming, but we have our eye on one special Puddle.  This Puddle may or may not have Tadpoles swimming in it.  We will continue to investigate.

We will watch as this one special very large puddle is forming in a field at an undisclosed location. We will be monitoring this puddle minute by minute. For complete and accurate coverage on this water event, please stay tuned 24/7 to WCTO so you don’t miss a thing.


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