Woman Trips Over Shoelace

Shoe Lace Trip

Houston, TX At approximately 11:10 am, an untimely event occurred. A white female in her early 40’s was spotted tripping over her shoelace while walking out of the Wal Mart on Highway 45 South. Fortunately, there were no Paramedics called to the scene and no casualties. The white female remains unnamed. When approached by our reporting team, the white female refused to comment. On-lookers say that the incident “just happened so quickly”. When interviewed, Kelly Bernard of Texas City stated that “The lady’s left shoelace was untied before she left the store. Then, she just tripped and lost her balance catching herself before she fell to the ground”.

In the past year, many incidents such as this have been reported across the vast City of Houston. With the impending threat of Global Warming, shoelaces must be securely tied at all

times.“We should all heed a warning from this type of safety hazard” comments Gordon Lightfoot of the Texas City Police Department. “There has been an enormous increase in people wearing shoes with laces… times are changing” declares Patricia Nolace of Houston. I think we can all learn from this and work together to make this a safer city. If you must wear shoes with laces, please ensure that they are “double-knotted” before leaving the house. We all must do our part in making the community a safer place.

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