New Taxi StartUp Company Turn Heads in Controversy

New Taxi Startup

New Delhi, DL In the recent years the world has seen many new Taxi based startups. This one is no different. This one however caters to only the women of the country. Following the lead from nationalized institutions such as Banks, Schools etc, this company is trying to fit their brand image with that of empowering the women.

The taxi company , Femini , the company headquartered in Bengaluru is making headlines. Founder and CFO Anita Shinde, told reporters that the service was scheduled to start next year March 8th 2016 in Delhi and surrounding areas but was rescheduled to November 19th of 2015 due to technical difficulties and protest from Men’s Rights groups. “March 8th as everybody knows is Women’s Day and November 19th is Men’s Day” says Anita. We asked Anita, why did they decide to start the service on November 19th, and the answer we got was both unexpected and controversial. “Celebrating Men’s day in this country is like playing a rock song on your phone in a loud and noisy rock concert” said Anita.

The drivers who are driving these cars have an age limit of 26 years and have to be male only. Some believe this is exploitation of gender and that this company is promoting anti – men sentiments. “We believe in equality but also believe that women need to be on top of things and this service makes it easy for every women to be independent and in control” says Suprita Sen, the company press correspondent. ” The app we designed is voice activated and has features to direct the driver by using gestures and voice commands.” says Tanya Wong, company’s technical head. Whatever the outcome of this startup, you are sure to see these pink taxis around next year and are sure to turn your head.

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