Child Caught Praying in School

Prayer in School

Sugarland, TX At the Needless Middle School around lunch-time, a child was caught “red-handed” with his little hands folded in prayer before eating his school lunch.  The accused student was identified as Thomas Mafaith and is 12 years old.  “Thomas appeared to be thanking some sort of higher power for his lunch and will be punished accordingly,” stated Melton Downside, Principal of Needless Middle School.

A teacher, Holly Satanoli who was also sitting at the table when this atrocious act happened, also expressed her concern… “We have no room in our Public School System for this type of inner peace and gratitude.  Praying to a higher power and creator is just completely out of our scope and expresses defiant behavior.”

When our reporter spoke one-on-one with Thomas, he stated, “I am just trying to be grateful to God for my food.  After all, He is my Creator.”

Obviously, this type of heinous act will not go unpunished.  Thomas will be punished to the severest extent of the Public School System.

“Gratitude and belief in a higher power and acts of peace just cannot be accepted in our Public School System.  We must protect our children.  Such things distract from the learning of man-made subjects and selfish acts which include bullying,” states School Officials.

Bullying is a serious problem and most public schools had, for a long time, not noticed that it was going on in their campuses until recently they decided to bring it their classrooms.

WCTO will keep a watchful eye on this type of activity and bring the news directly to your computer monitor where you can read it.

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