Jabba The Hut Look-Alike Found

December 22, 2015 At Tatooine Manufacturing Facility in Texas City, Texas, a person distinctly resembling Jabba the Hut from Star Wars was discovered.  Is this Jabba in cognito or is this just a bizarre coincidence?  WCTO investigates. Just a few days ago on December 18, 2015, Star Wars The Force Awakens opened

Beware of the Doghouse YouTube Video Stirs Male Emotions

December 18, 2015 Houston, Texas A Beware of the Doghouse YouTube Video was recently released and it has men everywhere running scared.  This video speaks of men buying their wives unthoughtful presents for Christmas and getting put in a “literal” doghouse because of their shortcomings. “Men everywhere are terrified.” States Belinda Nomatter who

Popular Dating Site Fuels Egomaniacs

Dating Site

Houston, TX I recently went under-cover on a popular dating site called VAMOOSE.  Why is it named VAMOOSE?  Well, let’s find out... Upon entering VAMOOSE initially by accident when clicking on the pic of a hot guy advertising VAMOOSE on Facebook.  He looked rugged and handsome so how could one resist?  I

A Teen Boy Is Hard To Please

San Jose, CA Like most teenagers, Donald Trump (name has been changed to protect identity) is a tech lover turned geek. He is an Android fan and only uses devices which are compatible with the Android OS. Recently he has been finding a whole lot of time due to holidays and